Why So Many? Adult Acne Products and the Treatment of Adult Acne

According to statistical data, at least 50% of all women and 25% of men suffer from acne condition, including adults. The statistics further indicate that, acne attacks more than one area of the body. For instance, if acne attacks the face, the probability of it spreading manifesting itself in other regions of the body is sometimes high.Adult acne can be a very embarrassing condition to live with, especially if it develops in regions where it cannot be concealed. It is therefore not surprising that most acne suffers will try almost any remedy to keep it in check. This might sound like an exaggeration, but all one has to do is look at the thousands of “acne cures” in the market. An acne “wonder cure” is launched almost every other day. This makes it harder for the suffers to decide on the right cure for their acne, and leave grown up patients in a limbo.The causes of adult acne are not that well known in the medical community but possible causes include stress, hormones, resistant bacteria and to some extent use of certain cosmetics. In women, acne can result as a result of premenstrual flares often around the time when they experience their menstrual period. All these factors can lead to an adult’s oil glands overproducing sebum, which then combines with bacteria in the skin pores resulting in an acne breakout.The good news is that there are many Adult Acne Products that can be used to effectively treatment the disease. One of the most consistently purchased adult acne product that is also effective for children is benzoyl peroxide. However, to achieve the best results, benzoyl peroxide must be administered in a particular manner.It is advisable to seek advice from a trained medical professional to determine which adult acne product will work best for you. Obviously, each individual will experience a different type of acne which would then require that a different type of treatment is administered. The products that a teenager would use to treat acne would differ from adult acne products. There are certain steps that one can take when treating adult acne.1. Choose the right cleanser. It would be a good idea to pick a cleanser that is medicated with either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.2. Exfoliation is also an important part of treating adult acne, a good adult acne product for exfoliating is salicylic acid treatment which is very effective in cleaning out of pores. Ensure that you do not over exfoliate to scrub your face too much. Opt to exfoliate two or three times each week which should pretty much be effective.One of the causes of the adult onset acne is bad diet. Bad diet has the effect of robbing the body of essential nutrients and disrupts the hormone balance and digestive ecology. Therefore aside from the adult acne products it would be wise that one also alters the diet that they already have so that the results are long lived.Things that one should avoid in terms of diet include;o Too much reliance on carbohydrates for energy especially sugarso Processed foods like breads, sugar, sweets, and fizzy drinks among others. These work stimulate the production of insulin which accelerates the acne condition. It is wise to try and control the blood sugar level through the use of healthy and low GI foods which release energy more slowly into the bodyo Saturated and trans fats also do not help the situation in any shape or form. These are found in things like meat and dairy products. The idea is not to completely eliminate these things from your diet but to minimise them and where possible replace them with unsaturated fats such as that found in oily fish and some nuts.As much as adult acne products will work to clear your acne problems, one also has to make some lifestyle changes. A change in diet is often a recommendation that can assist in clearing your acne.